About the company

The company «Veganov» develops and produces natural and eco-friendly vegetarian foods.

Our mission — popularization of  vegetarian lifestyle all around the world, which is based on the relationship with the outside world on such values as — love, kindness, service.

The objective of our company — to provide the greatest possible number of people with good food, which is cooked with love. To make a positive product, it must be cooked by positive and cheerful people. All participants of the project «Veganov»  are vegetarians, who lead a healthy lifestyle. Food, which is cooked with love for the people, carries the additional forces to progress in qualities and to change for the better.

A distinctive feature of the product of brand «Veganov» is the presence in the composition of ingredients and additives with high biological and nutritional value. Our technicians work not only on making the product to be delicious, but also to be useful.

We prefer to accent on the benefit of sausages, than on a long shelf life of products, therefore, we use gentle mode of heat treatment, leave the product «living».  We don’t use products and additives, which contain GMOs, sodium nitrite, phosphate. The composition of sausages includes first cold-pressed oils.

A novelty in the grocery market from our company is sausages with vegetables, «Pumpkin» and «Spinach». Thanks to presence of these vegetables, sausages acquire not only the color corresponding to these vegetables, but all useful minerals and vitamins.

Novelty of 2016. Gluten-free sausage ” For Gourmets” is a leader among vegetarian sausages by the amount of protein. It contains the whole complex of essential and nonessential amino acids. Suitable for people with celiac disease and lactose intolerance.

It is noteworthy, that our efforts to create new and healthy food products were highly appreciated at the international exhibition PRODEXPO 2015 by the leading specialists of the Institute of Nutrition RAMS, Moscow State University of Food Production, Faculty of Food Technology of the University ITMO, the Association of manufacturers and suppliers of food products «Rusprodsoyuz.»     Vegetarian sausage of the brand «Veganov» were awarded the gold medal of tasting competition «Innovative Product».

The vegetarian sausage «For gourmans» was awarded a gold medal and frankfurters «Picanto» was awarded a silver medal at the international exhibition PRODEXPO 2016


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