Vitamin E

It is one of the most important antioxidant vitamins. The main role in the body – is protection of tissues from damaging oxidation reactions, that occur during various metabolic processes, as well as under the influence of toxic substances. Also, vitamin E is an essential nutrient for procreation. Lack of vitamin E may have a negative impact on women and men, who are planning offspring – it can develop women’s infertility, early miscarriages, and men’s inferiority of sperm. Vitamin E is also essential for the cardiovascular system and helps the body to use vitamin A in an optimal way. Also, it is an important antioxidant for skin – there is evidence, that it is able to prevent premature aging. Deficiency of vitamin E  is very dangerous for newborns, particularly for premature babies, who are born with low levels of this important nutrient. Vitamin E is contained in vegetable oils, bread from wheat flour, greens.