Inulin – a natural polysaccharide, a natural prebiotic.

Prebiotics  – are the food components, which are not absorbed by the body, and, acting selectively, provide growth and / or functional activity of the “positive” intestinal microflora and thus have a positive effect on the digestive process.

Regular use of inulin in food has such positive effects on the human body as:

  • It normalizes the activity of the intestines, is effective in acute and chronic gastro-intestinal infections, dysbacteriosis.
  • It strengthens the immune defense, is effective for frequent ARI and ARI
  • Accelerates cleansing the body of toxins and undigested food by stimulating bowel motility.
  • Can prevent or reduce the effects of influence of toxic substances in the stomach.
  • It helps body to absorb calcium and magnesium.
  • It improves carbohydrate and lipid metabolism and normalizes blood sugar levels in diabetic patients.
  • Reduces the level of “harmful” cholesterol, triglycerides and phospholipids, which are involved in the process of formation of atherosclerotic plaques, prevents the development of atherosclerosis and cardiovascular diseases.
  • It helps to prevent the development of tumors and the possibility of their occurrence.
  • It has a blood purifying, choleretic effect.